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ETCT European Textile Care Technology


ETCT has been founded in 2013 by the following European leading companies:

Girbau SA, Spain

Jensen GmbH, Germany, Switzerland and Denmark

Herbert Kannegiesser GmbH, Germany

LAVATEC Laundry Technology GmbH, Germany


ETCT bundles the interests of the European manufacturers of Industrial Textile Care Technology at the European level and towards EU institutions as well as towards international stakeholders.


ETCT Chairman is Mr. Mr. Engelbert Heinz, Kannegiesser

ETCT Vice Chairman is Mr. Pere Girbau Pous, Girbau

Managing Director is Mr. Elgar Straub

Secretary General is Mrs. Rita Neumann


ETCT has become the European opinion leadership of Textile Care Technology.

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Neumann, Rita
Neumann, Rita
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